WI Music Buzz – Podcast Profile – John Grones

John Grones is the man behind the WI Music Buzz podcast. Each episode focuses on a different Wisconsin band, with an interview and a few songs. We turned the tables on John and asked him a few questions of our own. Check out his answers and don’t forget to check out the WI Music Buzz podcast!

Podcast Name: WI Music Buzz

Host Name: John Grones

Previous works/bio: I graduated with a degree in Radio/TV broadcasting and was in sports radio in Madison and worked for Cumulus Broadcasting in Oshkosh. I’ve also worked at the Avenue Radio in Green Bay. I then was in journalism for nearly 15 years, including stints as a news editor and sports editor.

Upcoming Episodes featuring? On the horizon I have Nicholas Raymond from the Fox Valley, Jordan Shack of SpaceHeaters from La Crosse, Corbin Dallas of A Legend Alone from Milwaukee, Jeffrey James of The Jeffrey James Show from Madison, and Greg Ashauer of BlackBelt YelloBelli from the Fox Valley.

Describe your show: The show’s intro says it best. It is a way for fans of local music to get familiar with bands and artists from Wisconsin. The interviews are meant for us to get to know the artists, and we throw in a few songs so fans get a taste of the music. There you go. You have been introduced. If you like them, follow them, and go support them!

What’s the WI Music Buzz origin story? With my background in journalism, it started as a printed publication back in the day. It was a small coffee shop type piece with band profiles and show schedule. Fast forward to now and I wanted to put my radio skills back to work. Doing something like this was always in the back of my mind. I got advice from fellow students from college and those in the radio industry now, and decided to do it as a podcast. I discovered my skills were a bit rusty, but it’s starting to come back!

Who are some of your favorite Wisconsin bands? I know it sounds cliche or whatever, but I like them all. They all have different sounds and reasons to like them. If I were to name bands that were my favorites, I would say Modern Echo from Milwaukee comes to mind. A Legend Alone, who will be on the show in the upcoming weeks, is another.

Favorite Venue to catch a show? Since I’m from the Fox Valley I would say Mill Creek in Appleton. It was one of the first venues to feature local original music when it wasn’t the thing to do back in the day. I like the High Noon Saloon in Madison as well.

What is the process on putting together your podcast episodes? I get about half of my guests through suggestions from fans or people I’ve wanted to reach out to. The other half comes from messages from bands asking to be on the show. I ask that they supply three songs they would like to feature and any talking points, and we do about a 20 minute interview. I listen to the three songs and determine in what order I want them to be featured in. I might be dating myself here but it’s like putting together a mix tape. When I ask questions I’m just like a fan, I’m curious as to the background of the band, and I want to know more. When that is done I just post edit it. Not much is taken out. What you hear in the show is basically everything.

Anything else the world should know about you? Nothing really. I’m having a blast doing this as I’m learning, as listeners are, about these artists. The printed publication is going to make its way back, as well as online radio. Big things are planned and I’m excited for what lies ahead.

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