Tigernite – Sublunary – Album Review

Tigernite has already built a strong reputation around Milwaukee for their high energy, blistering live shows. They continue to build upon their Post-Glam Rock/Rock Opera stylings with their latest album, Sublunary. Sublunary is an adjective meaning between the moon and the earth. This is a fitting title for a band and album that blends down-to-earth emotions with grandiose, space bound vocals and musicianship.

The album opens with “Dark Mirror.” Their dramatic/operatic stylings are showcased early on. A grandiose introduction to the album, that does its job of hooking the listeners and giving them a hint as to where Tigernite is taking them on this journey. “Conqueror” fires in next with some excellent, heavy guitar work. This track ups the ante with both the rock and lyrical imagery. “Hexxx” slithers in next. Another strong rocker. The lyrics pull you in with a sinister sneer. “Summerland” brings a catchy straight rock feel, with a chorus that immediately sticks in your head. A short track, but an earworm (in the best way) nonetheless. “Oracle” finds Molly Roberts singing over a string arrangement (the Echelon String Quartet) which crescendos to a strong emotional finish. “Sunnies” provides an upbeat straight rock track. This is followed by the musical snarl of “A Little Blood.” Another dark rocker and well-crafted track, it feels like the musical cousin of “Hexxx.” “Dark Mirror (Reprise)” is a short interlude, reminding the listeners of where we began before we conclude. The album wraps with “Ray Gun Queen”, a fitting end track of space rock grandeur about choosing ferocity over the mundane. A track that speaks of dreams and reminiscing about, “When we were golden.” The message is clear: be bold. Tigernite has that part down. Interestingly, the second definition of sublunary is mundane or worldly. These are two things Tigernite is not. (My personal standout tracks: Conqueror, Hexxx, Oracle, A Little Blood)