The Lords of the Trident Unleash New Single: Death Dealer

It’s been three years since American power metal warriors Lords of the Trident released Frostburn. In that time the band parted ways with guitarist Killius Maximus and drummer Dr. Dante Vitus, welcoming Baron Taurean Helleshaar (guitar) and Master ‘Herc’ Hercule Schlagzeuger (drums).

A whole unit once more, the Lords has been hard at work in their lair crafting their latest masterpiece, Shadows from the Past. As a taste of things to come, the band unleashed their first new single, Death Dealer.

Kicking things off with a splash of the cymbals, Herc amps up the adrenaline quickly with perfectly timed and delightfully technical beats beside the driving bass of Pontifex Mortis and the surging riffs of The Baron and Asian Metal. Shortly thereafter Fang Von Wrathenstein takes his rightful command with a piercing battle cry. And the metal battle is on!

His lyrics brimming with high fantasy and his clean vocals soaring high, Von Wrathenstein’s voice is crisp and clear throughout and perfectly layered at just the right moments. As with the beginning, the beat and rhythm is hard driving and the riffs are memorable. While one guitar shreds, the other interjects with a chugging riff or a squealing harmonic. The meat of the track comes with the chorus, but the guitar solo duel between The Baron and Asian Metal is a standout. Both men show off their mastery of the art of shredding but neither comes out the clear victor. This allows for Von Wrathenstein to quickly retake center stage and finish the song with spirit while charged riffs and a gnarly rhythm section bring the track to an epic conclusion.

Three years is a long time to wait for a new album and the loss of two longtime members brought some concerns. Fans were right to be skeptical of new talent, but the Lords of the Trident is no garage band, allowing them come back stronger than ever with this tune. If this is truly a taste of things to come, then be prepared to be amazed because the Lords are playing for keeps. 9/10

Brett Kihlmire