Stalgic – Distant – Album Review

Stalgic strikes a very ear friendly chord with their latest EP, Distant. The Wisconsin band that calls Green Bay home nails down that very popular modern alternative/emo/pop rock sound of platinum selling bands like Fall Out Boy (their early years), Trapt, and Yellowcard. The guitars of Kristian Pearson and Brent Harkonen work in perfect harmony with each other as they create the band’s distinctive sound. Cooper Miller provides the energy on this record with his stellar drum work as the tempo changes are smooth as silk. Tom Zwicker completes the Stalgic sound, supplying the bass, in addition to his clean and powerful vocals that evoke the passion of these songs.

The album starts out with simple guitar riff on the opening track “Variance”, but 10 seconds later, it just blasts off like a rocket screaming into outer space as the power chords and drums explode. The band then pulls it back in time for the verse, slows it down even more in a breakdown, with the song ending back on the rocket ship. It shows off the band’s songwriting skills when you can create that kind of sonic journey in only 2 minutes and 33 seconds. The second track, “Distant” really shows off that dynamic guitar sound with Harkonen’s melodic lead riffs over the zeal of Pearson’s pop/punk power chords. It’s one of those songs that just gets better and better with each listen, as you ears take in something new each time. The band follows the song up with a 2 minute mellow, almost psychedelic instrumental, “Waiting”, that adds in some piano, scracthes, and other electronic effects. It’s a nice change of pace. The EP ends with “The Things That You’ve Said”, which is another great pop/punk/emo/rock anthem.

Stalgic packed a whole lot of awesome in the short, but sweet 11 minute runtime of this EP. It’s more than radio friendly. The songwriting is catchy and full of life. The production is excellent. If you like that turn of the century pop/punk/emo/rock sound, you will love this EP. It’s not even a question.