Name: Sliver

Latest release: Self titled EP

Upcoming project: Working on 1st full length L.P..

Upcoming shows: Friday Night Live (Waukesha) August 3rd.
Saturday August 4th, The Nut House(Fond du Lac).
Thursday August 16th, Washington House Pub(West Bend).

Describe your sound: Our sound is a mixture of old school Metal (thrashy at times) blended with newer modern Hard Rock/Metal overtones.

Who are your influences?: Our influences are broad and wide with 5 guys coming from 5 different musical back grounds. From classic rock and blues to old school thrash metal to new age tech metal.

Favorite Venue to Play: Our favorite venue is pretty much anywhere we play!

Where did you record?/Who did you work with?/How was the experience?: Our EP was recorded at Kex Studios. Tracking done by Damian Keckeisen.
Mixing and Mastering was done by Bob Fier(Crush Point guitarist) and final touches ourselves. The experience was trying at times to say the least. Lots of hours and studio time, but we are very happy with the results.

Websites/Social Media?: We can be found on the internet,, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Our EP is available at Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and hard copies from any one of us.
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