Scarlet Curve

Name: Scarlet Curve

Band Lineup:
Mike Alvarez – vocals / rhythm guitar
Joel Gomez- lead guitar
Paul Gollata- bass
Greg Hansen- drums

Latest Release/Upcoming Project: Upcoming EP to be released this fall

Previous releases/bands: Alvarez was a founding member of The Sandcarvers, Racine, Milwaukee based

Upcoming Shows:
August 26 6 pm west stage – Midwest Original Music Festival
September 22, 9pm – Big Al’s Sports Bar Sheboygan
10:45pm October 26th – Fridayween- Brat Stop Kenosha

Describe your sound: alternative 90’s rock

What’s the band’s origin story? Scarlet Curve is a powerful Central Wisconsin band that draws on its local roots and diverse musical background to make their music defiantly original and away from the mainstream of rock. Originally founded in 2008, Scarlet Curve experienced a number of changes in sound and line up, but Mike Alvarez and Greg Hansen have continually strived to create a unique, original sound the likes of which Central Wisconsin has never heard before. The band plays all original music and focuses on writing songs that anyone can connect with and enjoy. They are currently recording the tracks for their debut album which is scheduled to be out soon.

Every member comes from a diverse musical background to give Scarlet Curve their signature sound. At the early age of 5, lead singer and rhythm guitarist Mike Alvarez was originally taught to play guitar by his grandfather who played in a Mariachi band. Alvarez was a founding member of the Sandcarvers. Drummer Greg Hansen started the traditional route by playing percussion in junior high, but quickly moved to drumset to play in a short-lived metal band in high school. While in college he played in a Wausau-based blues/rock band. His love of classic rock is what brings out the dynamic fills in Scarlet Curve’s music. Joel Gomez was taught guitar at a very early age. His influences include Metallica and Motley Crue, bringing fire-driven leads with it. Other influences include guitar virtuosos Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen, as well as classical music and flamenco. Paul Gollata lays down a solid low-end foundation for the music. His bass lines are able to seamlessly move from funky to hard-driving to go with whatever the song calls for. By tirelessly touring; playing anywhere and everywhere that has electricity, Scarlet Curve has established themselves as the PREMIER alternative rock act in Central Wisconsin

Who are your influences?: Oasis , U2, The Cure

Favorite Venue to Play: Brat Stop Kenosha

Where did you record?/Who did you work with?/How was the experience? G note recording studio- Stevens Point, WI. We are currently still finishing up the EP. We really enjoy being in the studio working to put out the best product

Websites/Social Media?
Official ReverbNation Page
Official Facebook Page