Poison Darts – Songs with Seditious Intent – Album Review

Poison Darts – Songs with Seditious Intent

Songs with Seditious Intent, the debut album from Poison Darts on Awaken Records, is a sonic journey, parts metal, prog, industrial, and straight up old school rock. It’s refreshing to see a band come out of the gates with a full 12 track album in a day where many bands on the local scene settle for releasing smaller EP’s.

About half of the album is filled with straight up standard metal tunes, such as “A Death Among Us”, “Nihilism”, and “Stonecrusher”. The heavy mid tempo crunch with the low growly voice of lead singer/guitarist Russ Nadasdy has a very Sepultura vibe to it. The band also mixes it up with some spoken word/instrumental tracks (“Acid Burn”, “Pyrotanic-Manic”) and even some tracks with clean guitars & vocals (“Seize the Day”). When the band branches out and shows it’s depth is where the album really shines. “Scrape the Crust” is a standout track that combines the best elements of everything they do. A dark, but clean section starts the song, and it builds into verses are that are spoken word and clean vocals, over a nice heavy, but mellow groove, and then right into the metal chorus. It feels part Alice in Chains and part Faith No More, which makes for a dynamic tune.

The diversity on this album is a testament to the talented band members Nadasdy & Steve Kolb, with Ron Terrell from the Milwaukee band Hi/Jack helping out on the drums for this release. Nick Chovanec is the bands current drummer. There are some really nice production elements on the album, which include some audio clips from old movies or shows and even some keyboards on “Infinite Abyss”. If you are a of fan mid tempo crunchy metal with thought provoking lyrics, you will love Songs with Seditious Intent. Even if that’s not your thing, there is enough diversity on the album to appeal to any rock fan. Like a good book, Poison Darts debut album is a compelling first chapter, that will leave you wondering, what are they going to do next?


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