Outlanders Release First Single “Signals of Demise”

Coming out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Outlanders is a fresh and relatively unknown rock project. Featuring Cody Dziuk (Conniption) and Zach Mayo (Archiver) at its core, the only music the duo doesn’t handle themselves are the drums. Billing themselves as experimental rock, the band’s first single ‘Signals of Demise’ live up to the descript quite well, but it also under sells them. Outlanders has a harder edge than you’d expect from a simple rock band.

‘Signals of Demise’ is certainly experimental, dare I say borderline prog. I say this, because the song refuses to pin itself down with simple rock elements like power chords and repetition ad nauseum. The song is complex, stylish, and even heavy at times. At many points the bass and guitar, wielded by Dziuk and Mayo, respectively, chug in a heavy display of metal-like aggression for much of the song. Meanwhile, synths give the song an airy, almost synth-rock feel at times, while the unique sound of Dziuk’s lead vocals are brimming with soul. Then there’s the moments where the lead guitar just screams out like a banshee in the night in a very thrashy fashion. To call this track just straight rock is not only wrong, it’s an insult. With its experimental brand of rock, Outlanders straddles the line between modern hard rock and classic heavy metal. If the other songs on their upcoming debut album have this much character, then I have no doubt that Outlanders is here to stay.

-Brett Kihlmire