Łegacies – Łegacies – Album Review

Łegacies self titled debut EP is a contemporary pop/rock album that is big and anthemic. At their best with big drums, bright clean guitar riffs, and soaring vocals, their mammoth sound will immediately remind you of the biggest contemporary acts in the world, like Imagine Dragons and OneRepublic. While the guitar sound by Colin Nickell on this album really gives their music a clear distinction from other acts in the genre, when combined with the powerful vocals of Dillon Nickell, the full bodied warmth of Jalon Richards drums, and the deep bass/synth grooves of Mike Miller, you get tunes that have an authentic soul to them.

“Yeah Boy” is a true energetic anthem that kicks off the EP with force! It is impossible not to bob your head and tap your foot to this song. “Medical Order” finds this deep synth groove that just carries you through the track, until you get to a breakdown that slows the song down just for a moment, only to build it back up and explode, as you get to hear Dillon show off his impressive range as he brings the song home. “With You” slows things down a little, highlighted by more smooth guitar tones. “Way Out” is the final track on the EP, that starts out feeling a lot like a Gavin DeGraw or Jason Mraz song through the first two verses, before the eruption of that huge Łegacies sound brings the back half of the song, and the EP, to an epic conclusion.

This album is a pretty easy sell. If you love the colossal mainstream contemporary pop/rock acts out there today. You are going to love this EP. It’s not even a question. Łegacies is able to capture the feeling of those bands, and yet, really put their own stamp on the genre. They are not a knockoff, in any way, shape, or form. Great riffs and catchy hooks will always make for good songs, but you have to combine them with real talent and passion to create music that moves people. Łegacies, puts all of that on display in this debut EP.

The EP was recorded at Eisley Creative Co. in Kenosha, WI.
Produced by Christian Seibert
Mixed by Steven Servi