Johnny Likes Noize – Shhhh… – Album Review

Shhhh… is the sophomore EP effort from Madison rock band Johnny Likes Noize. It’s 5 songs of straight up, unapologetic rock and roll! The new EP exudes a classic rock feel in songs like the Alice Cooperish “Rock Bottom Romance”, the Sabbathy track “Running Amok”, and you’ll instantly hear the Zeppelin in their rockin’ blues ode to the Ford Mustang, “5 5 0”. Jason “Clownboy” Freel provides the thunderous drums, while Ryan LeSage contributes the smokin’ riffs and solos, and Jeremy Sipos deep bass grooves combined with vocals that ooze rock and roll make for a powerhouse trio.

The EP starts and ends with it’s two standout tracks. When you hear Sipos start out the record by belting out, “I wanna free myself” with the instruments crashing in at the end of the line, it gives the listener an immediate shot of adrenaline. “Free” is an excellent opening track and really lets you know what Johnny Likes Noize is all about. The closing track “S.O.L” is a raucous rockabilly track about a deadbeat acquaintance, that will instantly make you hold your beer in the air as you’re dancing and singing along to the chorus, “Shit outta luck again my friend…” as loud as you can. It’s one hell of a fun track. It’s one hell of a fun EP. A band like this will put a smile on your face as you realize rock and roll isn’t dead.


UPDATE: So if you get yourself a physical copy of the EP, not only do you get the little lightsaber easter egg, but you will be treated to a hidden track, which is an acoustic cover of a classic TV theme song about some good ol’ boys 😉 A very nice touch.