H27 – The Road to Nowhere – Album Review

Milwaukee rockers H27 bring thick rhythms and blistering solos in their debut LP, The Road to Nowhere. The foundation of their sound is a deep, heavy rhythm guitar that hits you in your gut, very much in the vein of Metallica or Motorhead. Guitarists Steve Statler and “Schack” also know how to shred, as their screaming solos are the icing on the cake for all 10 tracks on this album. Bassist Ken Boggs gets his spotlight with slow thunderous intro on “Sexpolitation”, while drummer Bobby also gets his kicks as the lead vocalist on several tracks.

All of the songs on The Road to Nowhere are very well written. Each track has a little something different on it. The band does not have a lead vocalist, instead those duties are split between Bobby and Statler. Both have distinctive delivery styles. One is smooth and funky, while the other is more metal. Both work, but I think it would be interesting to hear both vocalists share a song and play off each other and create a unified sound, whereas on this record, both vocalists stick to their own tracks.

The album has several standout tracks. “Summer Song” is a fun, upbeat tune, that is exactly the type of song you’d expect with a title like that. “Turn the Lights Off” thrives off its heavy riff, killer solo, and soulful vocals that will instantly provoke images of Lenny Kravitz dancing in your head. “Dead Dreams” and “The Road to Nowhere” are slower tunes that show the bands diversity, the former featuring a little acoustic guitar in the intro, while the latter starts with some piano, both eventually build up into big metal choruses, which really stand out.

H27 has put forth a quality full length album that is sure to please anyone who likes heavy guitars, impressive solos, and prefers a cleaner vocal instead of a traditional metal growl. The lyrics are relatable, the music is headbangable, and the choruses are sing-alongable. What more could you ask for?