Darin “SQUID” Schuh

Artist/Band Profile for Darin “SQUID” Schuh


Latest Release/Upcoming Project: Half Asleep Demo (bandcamp)

Previous releases/bands:2014 Gutchuk (Death Metal)
2015-2016 Garbage Man (Noise)Album: 666% love
2017-now Dorothy’s Worst (Hardcore Punk)Album: Dorothy’s Worst/No Outlet Split
Upcoming Shows:5/18 at The Alibi in Kewaskum 5/25 Punk Rock Brat Fry in Sheboygan at Kiwanis Park7/19 at Doug’s Skip’er Inn in Sheboygan8/10 behind The Exclusive Company in Green Bay

Describe your sound: A young man yelling about death and smoking weed while playing acoustic guitar, and also some sad songs.

What’s your origin story? I’ve been writing songs since I was 11 or 12 and really never stopped. I won a beer pong tournament at a party in the UP. Afterwards someone mentioned that I look like Squid from the 90s cartoon Rocket Power and it stuck. One day in 2016 I thought it was time to at least publish my music on YouTube to get a start. After I was no longer in a band I started focusing on my music and playing open mics to gauge crowd reaction. I got sick of not having anything to do on the weekends, so I started booking solo shows and its been fun so far. 
Who are your influences?: Johnny Hobo and The Freight Trains, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Kurt Cobain, Bob Mould, Sublime

Favorite Venue to Play: Quarters Rock N Roll Palace in Milwaukee or The Weather Center Cafe in Sheboygan

Where did you record?/Who did you work with?/How was the experience? I recorded my demo in my bedroom, just barely awake, with my friend Anthony Florencio from the band Cherokee Astro. Anthony actually woke me up when he got to my apartment and maybe 15 mins later we were recording 7 randomly chosen tracks from my songbook. The demo is called “Half Asleep” for a reason.

Anything else the world should know about you?
Available for shows every Friday and Saturday (unless I’m already booked)

Websites/Social Media?

IG: darinsquidschuh2