Cyanide Son

Name: Cyanide Son

Latest Release/Upcoming Project: Our 5 song EP Damage was release in January. Our latest project is completing that EP into a full album.

Previous releases/bands: Early on we were called Gabbatha before the band broke up for a year and later reformed under the name Cyanide Son. Other members including the drummer and former leaf guitar player were in a band called Ernie Payday.

Upcoming Shows:
August 11th – Light Lounge Milwaukee
September 8th – Collins Deck Bar West bend
September 14th – Quarters MKE
October 27th – Riverhorse West Bend
New Year’s Eve – Traditions Pub and Grill fredonia

Describe your sound: it’s really hard for us to describe our sound because there’s so many different ways we could describe it. On our EP, there’s a sound for a different types of music interests, at our live shows, there’s even more variety. And once our full album is released, there will be something for everyone!

What’s the band’s origin story? We started playing together on the youth group band at our church, we all meshed together very well and started playing music outside of the church, we all took a break from from the band for about a year, and when we finally came back together and started a new band, we worked together even better.

Who are your influences?: Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Soundgarden, Neck Deep, Iron Maiden, Slayer. Hawthrone Heights.

Favorite Venue to Play: This is another tough question, but we can tell you this. We like playing everywhere! We love the different types of music scenes that each city has, we like playing larger venues, smaller venues, basements, balconies, backyards, tents, bars. We just love what we do and we love that someone always has a place we can do it and fans that can enjoy it with us!

Where did you record?/Who did you work with?/How was the experience? We worked with Ryan Kutz at Cherry Pit Studios in Menomonee Falls. The experience was great, it was a lot of fun working with a friend in Ryan, they really helped us through the process. We will be back there again to complete the full album.

Anything else the world should know about you? Listen to our EP, it’s very diverse, we think that there’s something for everyone to listen to on it, especially once the full album is out!

Websites/Social Media? We’re on Facebook! All our shows are posted on there, shoot us a message if you’d like to know anything!

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