Cyanide Son – Damage – Album Review

Cyanide Son is a band that wears the best aspects of their influences on their sleeves. They list those influences as 90’s rock, pop punk and classic metal. Each of these influences and more can be heard throughout their EP Damage. The variety of styles showcased through just five songs is impressive and makes for a great listen. Yet, despite the variety, there is a melodic swell throughout that ties it all together.

“Second Chance” is the opening track and does its job of hooking the listener. Jason Nickens (guitar), Tyler Kreis (bass), and Alex Wille (drums) build a haunting progressive melody for Mitch Martell (vocals) to build upon. Martell’s vocals nicely blend the aforementioned styles. You can hear immediately, they have a rich full sound together. They play off each other well.

The best aspect of the EP is its variety. “Better Days” brings a brighter optimistic feel. “Island of Misfit Toys” allows for some musical soaring. “Damage” highlights their blend of hard rock and pop punk sensibilities. While “Forever Eternally” brings the EP back full circle to the emotional swell introduced in “Second Chance” (For me personally, the two highlight tracks). Damage is an EP worth your time. It is melodic, emotional hard rock with an edge and pop punk influences. Each track is a standout in its own right. Dependent upon the listener’s tastes and feelings at any given time, each track could easily slip into his/her playlist perfectly. When you listen to Damage, I’m willing to bet, you’ll pick your track and add it.

The EP was recorded/mixed at Cherry Pit Studios